The 12-lap Delmarva Charger feature got of to a rocky start when pole sitter Ben Knotts and Derek Swafford tangled before a lap was in. On the restart Jay Sipple set the pace with Ashley Merritt challenging from second.

Scott Calhoun wasted no time making a charge from seventh to take second from Merritt by lap three. One lap later, Calhoun moved by Sipple for the lead. At the halfway sign the top five were Calhoun, Jay Sipple, Ashley Merritt, Jerry Barker and Bud Sipple.

Jay Sipple would end his night two laps later going up in smoke on lap eight and bringing out the final yellow. Calhoun was able to pull away from Merritt in the final laps to take his first win at the track in the Delmarva Charger division.

DELMARVA CHARGER FINISH: 1. Scott Calhoun; 2. Ashley Merritt; 3. Jerry Barker; 4. Bud Sipple; 5. Robert “Pacman” Paczkowski; 6. Ben Knotts; 7. Randy Merritt; 8. Tanner Marvel; 9. Jay Sipple; 10. Earl Truitt; 11. Derek Swafford; 12. Tippy Martinez.