Rookie T.J. Williams started on the pole on R.C. Holloway Night at the speedway after winning his first heat with second heat winner, Robert Dutton lining up in fourth. Brandon Watkins went to the front at the drop of the green and by lap four was being chased by his father, Bobby, in second.

Jordan Watson made a steady march through the field after starting in seventh and was quickly up to third while Matt Jester, who started in ninth, was quickly up to fourth. Watson got by Bobby Watkins on a lap five restart after Williams got around. It only took two more circuits before Watson moved by Brandon Watkins for the lead.

By halfway, Jester had climbed into the second spot ahead of Brandon Watkins with Jim Britt and JoJo Watson filling out the top five. The final caution would fly with eight to go when Howard O’Neal rolled to a stop. On the restart, Jester went to work on Jordan Watson for the lead and got out front with five to go.

Watson regrouped and reclaimed the lead one lap later. Jester would remain a threat but it would be Watson posting his second straight victory. JoJo Watson got by Brandon Watkins with two to go for third and Jamie Mills came from the rear after a lap two tangle to finish in fifth.

Big Block Modified Finish: 1. Jordan Watson; 2. Matt Jester; 3. JoJo Watson; 4. Brandon Watkins; 5. Jamie Mills; 6. Jim Britt; 7. Dave Dissinger; 8. Bobby Watkins; 9. Scott VanGorder; 10. Matt Hawkins; 11. H.J. Bunting; 12. Kevin Sockriter; 13. Westley Smith; 14. Dale Hawkins; 15. T.J. Williams; 16. Brian Hitz; 17. Howard O’Neal; 18. Robert Dutton; 19. Danny Johnson; 20. Shawn Ward; DNS: Jeff Brown;