The United Racing Club was on hand for Saturday night’s R.C. Holloway sponsored show at Delaware International. When nine-time URC champion, Curt Michael started on the pole there were some who thought the outcome of the race was a done deal.

After three attempts to get the first lap in it appeared to be true as Michael quickly opened a straightaway lead over Kevin Nagy. The complexion of the race would change when Josh Weller came to a stop against the inside wall at the exit of turn four to bring out the final yellow.

On the restart, point leader Davie Franek, who started in seventh, shot by Troy Betts and Christopher Allen, Jr. for fourth and Bill Unglert got by Nagy for second. Once again Michael shot away from the field but Franek was on the move gaining third on lap nine and one lap later got by Unglert of second.

With the race staying green Michael was working traffic by halfway. The leader worked his way past the back markers but as he marched further through the field the battles in front of him gave him more concern. Franek took advantage of the situation and with four laps to go split a lapped car with Michael to take the lead.

Once out front Franek opened a comfortable lead and drove to the win. “The cars were much faster in clean air,” said Franek. “I was hoping that once Michael caught lapped traffic it would slow him down and it did.” Michael had to settle for second with Unglert, Betts and Davie Sammons rounding out the top five. Heats were won by Franek, Adam Carberry and Unglert.

In victory lane, two-time URC champion, Garry Gollub was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

URC Sprint Finish: 1. Davie Franek; 2. Curt Michael; 3. Bill Unglert; 4. Troy Betts; 5. Davie Sammons; 6. Robbie Stillwagon; 7. Christopher Allen, Jr.; 8. Derek Locke; 9. Brett Michalski; 10. Justin Whitall; 11. Chris Coyle; 12. Mike Haggenbottom; 13. Kevin Darling; 14. Adam Carberry; 15. Cody Jordan; 16. Kyle Lilick; 17. Brandon McGough; 18. Kevin Nagy; 19. Jonathan Swanson; 20. Josh Weller; 21. Jason Clauss; DNS: David Quackenbush.