Donald Lingo, Jr. shot to the point at the start of the 20-lap S.R. Pete & Son Super Late Model feature with Rob Schirmer following in second. Ricky Elliott took the second spot a lap later but locked into a battle with Nick Davis. Davis would hold the second spot for three laps until the caution flew for a tangle involving Jason Dean and Geoff Carey.

On the restart Elliott regained the second spot with Mark Pettyjohn, who was looking for his third straight win, following into third. Elliott was now focused on the leader Lingo who was solidly in control on the bottom.

Elliott continued to work the top groove and with five to go was able to get by Lingo for the lead. He would then move to the bottom and open up some breathing room allowing him to post his second win of the season. “Jake Marine bought me this new car two weeks ago,” said Elliott. “He has been great to me and instrumental in furthering my career.”

Lingo ended a great run in second with Pettyjohn third. Fourth went to Amanda Whaley with point leader Ross Robinson rounding out the top five. Heats were won by Lingo and Elliott.

S.R. Pete & Son Super Late Model Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Donald Lingo, Jr.; 3. Mark Pettyjohn; 4. Amanda Whaley; 5. Ross Robinson; 6. Nick Davis; 7. Kerry King; 8. Rob Schirmer; 9. Kellie Lewis; 10. Geoff Carey; 11. Jason Dean; 12. Bob Geiger; 13. Max Robichaud.