A solid field of AC Delco 602 Sportsman were on hand Thursday night. Heats were won by Adam White; Andy Hammond and Matt Stangle. The ASI Sportswear inversion draw put David Crossman on the pole with Hammond and White in row two.

Jordn Justice would take advantage of the high groove. “I found some bite on the top,” said Justice, “and I went for it (at the start).” Hammond led lap one but it took two restart before the second lap was completed.

When lap two did get in it was Justice riding the high groove to the front for lap three. Stangle got by Hammond for second while David Jenkins and Scott Hitchens bartered for fourth.

A streak of four yellows through halfway would keep the field tightly bunched. Hitchens was able to get by Stangle on one of the restarts but Stangle returned the favor on the next one. Duane Crocket joined the lead group and with three to go got by Hitchens for third.

Justice would make on mistakes as he drove the L&J Sheet Metal No. 94 to the $1000 win, his first of the season. L&J Sheet Metal was also the lap money sponsor for the Sportsman. Stangle ended a solid run in second with Crockett, Hitchens and Hammond rounding out the top five.

AC Delco 602 Sportsman Finish: 1. Jordn Justice; 2. Matt Stangle; 3. Dwayne Crockett; 4. Scott Hitchens; 5. Andy Hammond; 6. Nick Alberti; 7. Adam White; 8. Jason Rush; 9. David Jenkins; 10. Sean Metz; 11. Danny Smack; 12. Freddy Massey; 13. Jeff Marker; 14. Jeff Brown; 15. David Crossman; 16. Ryan Riddle; 17. Daniel Johnson; 18. Trent VanVorst; 19. George Richardson; 20. Robert Riley, III; 21. Dwayne Heck; 22. Ted Reynolds; 23. J.D. Breasure.