The AC Delco 602 Sportsman feature provided lots of action. Nick Alberti drove by David Jenkins and Danny Smack to take the lead at the start. Point leader, Scott Hitchens was flying on the high side moving from ninth to third on lap one.

Hitchens got by Smack on a restart and began to pressure Alberti taking the lead for lap five. The chase was set by halfway with Hitchens, Jordn Justice, Joe Tracy, Adam White and Mike Hough all in contention.

The caution was out for a final time with one to go setting up a shootout between Hitchens and Justice. Justice drove to the bottom taking the lead in the first turn. Hitchens would following on his tale to turn three where he duplicated Justice’s move and regained the lead coming off of turn four for the checkered. Tracy finished a close third with Hough crossing the line in fourth but failing post race tech. Fourth would be awarded to White and Ryan Riddle would round out the top five. Heats were won by Hitchens and White. With the win Hitchens secured his second track championship in the division.

AC Delco 602 Sportsman Finish; 1. Scott Hitchens; 2. Jordn Justice; 3. Joe Tracy; 4. Adam White; 5. Ryan Riddle; 6. David Jenkins; 7. Daniel Johnson; 8. Nick Alberti; 9. Jason Rush; 10. Freddy Massey; 11. George Richardson; 12. Sean Metz; 13. Jeff Marker; 14. Danny Smack; 15. John Stevenson; 16. Matt Smith; DNS: Dwayne Crockett; Andy Hammond; DQ: Mike Hough.