Things got off to a rough start in the 12-lap Super Truck championship. Mike Kennedy got around coming off the second turn and was tagged hard by David Shores. After the caution Kennedy was able to continue but Shores was done for the night.

David Smith took advantage of the restart and used the bottom groove to move to the front and take the lead for lap one. The race would go caution free from there on and the leader would never be challenged.

Dale Elliott held the second spot until Smith’s brother, Robert took over the spot. Robert was not able to run down the leader as David Smith drove to his second Fall Championship win. Jerry Hill finished in the third spot with Elliott fourth and Stanley Pete fifth. Lap leader bonus money was sponsored by First State Crane Services, Inc.

Super Truck Finish: 1. David Smith; 2. Robert Smith; 3. Jerry Hill; 4. Dale Elliott; 5. Stanley Pete; 6. Matthew Smith; 7. Brian Meisenholder; 8. Kirk Miles; 9. Thomas “Action” Jackson; 10. Marvin Smith; 11. Mike Kennedy; 12. Curt Miles, Jr.; 13. Dick Beauchamp; 14. Matt Esham; 15. Robert Reed; 16. David Shores.