The battle for the lead started at the drop of the green between C.J. Schirmer and Dwayne Heck in the 12-lap Vintage Stock Car championship. It would come to an abrupt end on lap six when Dustin Shultie got out of shape coming off the fourth turn in front of the leaders. Schirmer was able to get by but Heck made hard contact and was done for the night. 

Schirmer had no problems holding off Josh Smith, who finished first Sportsman, to the checkered. It was Schirmer’s first championship win since 2010. Veteran Dave Schamp finished in third with Todd Miller and Don Davidson rounding out the top five. Lap leader bonus money was sponsored by All About the Dogs plus a $20 bonus for the first Sportsman from the Southern Delaware Vintage Racing Club. Both winners receive the $50 bonus from Carolyn Parsons and Why Not Travel for supporting breast cancer awareness.

12-Lap Vintage Stock Car Finish: 1. C.J. Schirmer; 2. Josh Smith (1st Sportsman); 3. Dave Schamp; 4. Todd Miller; 5. Don Davidson; 6. Matt White; 7. Geoff Carey; 8. Kirk Lawson; 9. Dustin Shultie; 10. Dwayne Heck; 11. Charles Moore; 12. Rob Blann.