By Charlie Brown, Delmar, DE (5/22/11) – John Jelich of Gambrills, Md. had a very good day on Sunday at the U.S. 13 Dragway. Jelich started off the day by winning the Bad 8 Open Wheel final then advanced through the Super Pro division to take that final over Jamie Russell of Dover, Del. Vernon Russell of Dover won the Bad 8 Full Body while Eddie Baker of Salisbury, Md. drove to the win in Pro. Other winners on the day included: Turon Davis of Berlin, Md. in Pro Bike; Dennis Davis of Seaford, Del. in Street; Harvey Powell of Salisbury in Bike Trophy; Alex Bradford of Newark, Md. in Jr. Dragster 1 and Herby Sullivan of Ridgely, Md. in Jr. Dragster 2.


In the Bad 8 Open final, it was John Jelich taking on Johnny Ennis of Pocomoke, Md. Jelich had a .001 reaction and ran on his dial with a 7.567/171.72 on a 7.56 dial for the win. Ennis had a .016 light and ran on his dial with a 7.642/174.58 on a 7.64 dial. Low E.T. and Top Speed was set in qualifying by Jimmy Hitchens of Millsboro with a 7.104/192.51.


In the Bad 8 Full Body, Vernon Russell was paired against Jay Bradford of Newark, Md. It was a double break out run with Russell out by less running an 8.605/156.14 on an 8.61 for the win. Bradford ran an 8.799/152.98 on an 8.82 dial. Low E.T. and Top Speed was set in qualifying by Don Teague of Newark, Md. with a 7.967/170.32.


Jelich advanced to the Super Pro final against Vernon Russell’s son Jamie. Jelich was again on his game with a .005 light and a run of 7.534/165.95 on a 7.52 dial for the win. Russell ran a 7.755/169.74 on a 7.71 dial. Semi-finalists were Tim Hyde of Seaford and Steven Truitt of Parsonsburg, Md.


The Pro final found Eddie Baker going up against Glenn Groton of Salisbury. Groton had a -019 red light foul and Baker took the victory with a 10.895119.77 on a 10.87 dial. Semi-finalist was Rick Willey who lost to Baker.


Turon Davis rode up against Sherman Thomas of Parksley, Va. in the Pro Bike final. Davis had the better reaction and rode to the win with a 9.177/145.46 on a 9.11 dial. Thomas had a 9.435/140.00on a 9.40 dial. Semi-finalist was Tyrone Dale of Salisbury who lost to Davis.


Dennis Davis defeated Rick Walker of Laurel, Del. in the Street final. Walker broke out with a 12.288 on a 12.30 dial while Davis was on his dial for the win with an 11.683/114.60 on an 11.68 dial. In Bike Trophy Harvey Powell rode to the win over Damon Nichols of Denton, Md. who had a red light foul. Powell ran a 17.204/65.29 on a 17.15 dial.


Alex Bradford was paired against Ryan Jackson in the Jr. Dragster 1 final. The pair were even at the start with Bradford earning the win with a 9.315/68.39 on a 9.25 dial. Jackson ran a 9.034/69.95 on an 8.94 dial. In Jr. Dragster 2 Herby Sullivan met Becky Bireley of Salisbury. Sullivan had a .007 light and drove to the win with an 8.019/78.28 on a 7.97 dial. Bireley dialed a 7.99 and ran an 8.061/79.72.


This Sunday will be another exciting Summit E.T. Racing Series event. Gates open at 10 a.m. with time runs at 11 a.m.