By Charlie Brown, Delmar, DE – Ben Parks of Salisbury, Md. put an exclamation mark on a great season Sunday as he capture the Super Pro final then went up against all the other division winners to claim the “King of the Track” title. Charlie Dehaven of Salisbury took the Pro win while James Farmer of Denton, Md. rode to another win in Pro Bike. Rick Walker of Laurel, Del. was the Street winner and Harvey Powell of Salisbury rode his Kawasaki quad to another win in Bike Trophy. In Jr. Dragster it was Ryan Jackson of Newark, Md. taking Jr. Dragster 1 and Cortney Cathell of Laurel winning in Jr. Dragster 2.


Ben Parks faced DonnieYeatman of Denton in the Super Pro final. Parks had a .003 reaction light and took the win with a 7.937/165.53 on a 7.93 dial. Yeatman broke out with a 10.088/130.62 on a 10.09 dial. Semi-finalists were Jay Bradford of Newark, Md. who lost to Parks and John Myers of Glen Burnie, Md. who lost to Yeatman.


Charlie Dehaven met Glenn Groton of Salisbury in the Pro final. Dehaven had a .008 reaction light and took the double break out win with an 11.849/109.64 on an 11.85 dial. Groton ran a 10.435/124.96 on a 10.44 dial. Semi-finalists were Humphrey Maddow, Jr. of Princess Anne, Md. who lost to Dehaven and Brice Cornish of Rhodesdale, Md. who lost to Groton.


Once again it was James Farmer in the Pro Bike final this time taking on Stephen Madden of Baltimore, Md. Madden had a red light foul and Farmer rode to the win with an 8.705/145.98 on an 8.73 dial. Semi-finalists were Cardi Nock of Bishopville, Md. who lost to Madden and Turon Davis of Parsonsburg, Md. who lost to Farmer.


The Street final was a match up between Rick Walker and Steve Walston of Crisfield, Md. Walston had a red light foul and Walker took the victory with a 12.054/109.70 on a 12.10 dial.


The four winners were pitted against each other in the “King of the Track” eliminations. Parks eliminated Farmer to advance to the final and Walker beat Dehaven. In the final, Parks took the hole shot win with a .029 light and a run of 7.980/153.30 on a 7.93 dial. Walker was late at the start with a .133 light and ran a 12.072/109.59 on a 12.07.


Harvey Powell racked up another win in Bike Trophy defeating James Jenkins of Blades, Del. Jenkins broke out with a 9.753/113.29 on a 10.00 dial and Powell was on his dial with a 16.059/71.14 on a 16.05 dial for the win.


In Jr. Dragster it was Ryan Jackson paired against Brittany Hooper of Hurlock. Jackson had the better reaction and took the win with a 9.041/70.49 on an 8.99 dial. Hooper ran a 13.134/49.08 on a 12.99 dial. In Jr. Dragster 2 it was Cortney Cathell facing Trevor Post of Delmar. Cathell had the better start and took the win with a 7.923/79.39 on a 7.90 dial. Post ran a 7.928/81.47 on a 7.90 dial.


The dragway will take this weekend off but returns on Sunday, October 30 with the Halloween Shoot Out.