Mother Nature Takes The Win On St. Patrick’s Day!

imagesBy Chad Cathell – Delmar, MD-

It was a cold and blustery day at the US 13 Dragway, but the show went on as planned! Racers filed into the raceway on Sunday in hopes of picking up the special 50th Anniversary prizes of the day. Late Saturday night Track Promoter, Charlie Cathell, sent out a post on Facebook that lit up the social media world! He let out that this weeks 50th Anniversary surprise was that every 50th person through the gate would be getting in 50% off the price of admission, the winner of Street Eliminator would receive $50, and the quickest open wheel, door slammer, and bike in time runs would pick up an additional $50 for their performance.

Time runs got underway at 11 am as planned and racers set out to take home the $50 bonuses! After two rounds of time runs in each class it was a father-son tag team of Vernon & Jamie Russell from Dover, DE that picked up the $50 for door slammers and open wheel respectively. Eddie Chapman of Pocomoke City, MD held the title of the fastest bike on the strip after the first session of time runs, but after a broken transmission sidelined Eddie, DJ Lockwood dove in to take home the $50 on Sunday.

First round of eliminations started out strong with Pro being completed, and Super well on its way. A small cleanup brought a delay to US 13, and with that came much more. Track crews did their best to quickly finish cleaning the starting line, but shortly after finishing the cleanup, Mother Nature roared to life. Snow showers made their way through the facility, and thus putting an end to racing action for the day. Since the entire session of first round was not complete the show was deemed a rain out, and participants should hold onto their rain checks as they will be good for 4 weeks.

US 13 continues its 50th season and its Pre-Points Season action this weekend, Sunday, March 24, 2013. Gates open at 10 am, with Time Runs at 11 am, and Eliminations to follow. Keep your eyes peeled to the Facebook and Twitter page as special 50th Anniversary specials can be released at any time! For more information about Entry Fees, please click here.