DELMAR, DE – A huge crowd came out to the U.S. 13 Dragway on Friday night to witness a historic “Shakedown -N – Dtown Round 2”match race between Discovery Channel Street Outlaw stars Daddy Dave in his Goliath 2.0 ‘63 Chevy II and Kye Kelly in his Shocker Camaro taking on local stars Steve Drummond in his turbo Mustang and Dale Collins, Jr. Nitros Camaro. Fans were also treated to motorcycle stunt rides, the MANDRA Nostalgia drag racers and Bad 8 racing in Full Body, Open Wheel and Pro Bike.

It was a “first car to the finish line” format for the match races with heads up starts and no posted times or speeds. In round one, the local drivers established themselves as a force to be reckoned with as Steve Drummond of Laurel, Del. won over Kye Kelly of McComb, Miss. and Dale Collins, Jr. of Frankford, Del.. won over Daddy Dave of Oklahoma City, OK. The TV racers went to work and in round two the tides were reversed as Daddy Dave defeated Steve Drummond and Kye Kelley bested Dale Colllins, Jr.

Other winners of the day included: Mike Larkin, Sr. in Bad 8 Open Wheel; Billy Groton in Bad 8 Full Body; Charles Nock in Bad 8 Pro Bike; and Bud Poust in MANDRA Nostalgia.

Seaford’s Billy Groton in his ‘90 Camaro faced Vernon Russell of Dover, Del. in the Bad 8 Full Body final. Races were run at an eighth mile. Groton had the better reaction and drove to the win with at 5.372/126.99 on a 5.34 dial. Russell, in his ‘90 Mustang had a 5.575/124.84 on a 5.56 dial. Don Teague set Low E.T. and Top Speed in qualifying in his ‘67 Chevy II with a 4.591/160.22.

In Bad 8 Open Wheel it was Mike Larkin of Salisbury paired against Jerry Birchfield of Essex, Md. Larkin had a .006 reaction light and drove to the win with a 4.437/154.45 on a 4.42 dial. Birchfield broke out with a 4.486/154.53 on a 4.50 dial. Low E.T. and Top Speed was set in qualifying by W.R. Ketterman with a 4.342/160.00.

Charles Nock of Greenwood, Del. rode up against Ryan Benitatis of Berlin, N.J. in the Bad 8 Pro Bike final. Benitatis had the better reaction but Nock was almost on his dial taking the win. Nock ran an 8.352/156.33 on an 8.35 dial while Benitatis had an 8.393/136.32 on N 8.25 dial. Low E.T. in qualifying went to Benitatis on a Hayabusa at 8.276 and Top Speed wen to Eddie Chapman of Pocomoke, Md. at 162.33.

The MANDRA Nostalgia cars put on a great show. In the final it was a pair of Chevy Nova’s withBud Poust of Port Trevorton, Pa. in his ‘81 Nova taking on Charlie Inhorst of Dallastown, Pa. in his ‘72 Nova. Poust had the better reaction and took the win with an 11.937/112.75 on an 11.83 dial. Inhorst ran a 10.558/115.25 on a 10.48 dial.

Vincent Oddo was involved in a serious crash during the event. Oddo lost control of his car and flipped over the guardrail and through a pit spectator fence before coming to rest against an RV. No spectators were injured in the incident but Oddo was admitted to the hospital with a fractured vertebra and  broken ribs but is expected to make a full recovery.