By Charlie Brown, Delmar, DE – Sunday’s 302 Nation Cash Days featured the heads up, no time, nitros vs. turbo vs. pro charger action but more importantly provided the final tuneup for the top racers at the U.S. 13 Dragway as the head this Thursday through Sunday’s IHRA Division 1 (Patriots) Bracket finals at Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, Md.

Posting wins on Sunday were Phillip Truitt of Salisbury, Md. in Top ET, Harvey Powell of Parsonsburg, Md. in Mod ET, Jamar Chandler of Frankford, Del. in Pro Bike, Jay Parrott, III of Delmar in Street, Stephanie Valdivia of Pittsville, Md. in Hot Rod and Morgan Larkin of Salisbury in Jr. Dragster. Top ET and Mod ET eliminations were held in the eighth-mile in prep for the Bracket Finals.

It was an all-door slammer final in Top ET as Phillip Truitt in his ‘80 Malibu pulled up against Robin Lewers in her ‘71 GMC. Truitt sealed the deal at the start with a .004 reaction light and drove to the win running a 6.729/96.13 on a 6.71 dial-in. Lewers had a .026 light and broke out with a 7.875/85.44 on a 7.86 dial. Semi-finalists were Tommy Ketterman who lost to Lewers and Clark Howell who lost to Truitt.

Harvey Powell entered his ‘84 Suzuki in Mod ET and came out on top over Tim Foskey, Jr. in his Mustang. Foskey had the better reaction light with a .015 but Powell had the better run as he rode to a 5.645/115.71 on a 5.61 dial. Foskey had a 6.850/99.03 on a 6.77 dial. Semi-finalist was John Parks who lost to Powell while Foskey had the bye.

Jamar Chandler rode up against Robert Brummell in the Pro Bike final. Chandler had the better start and ran a 10.229/135.66 on a 10.19 dial for the win. Brummell was off his dial a bite running a 9.429/132.21 on a 9.02 dial. Semi-finalists were Brice Cornish, Jr. who lost to Chandler while Charles Nock lost to Brummell.

In Street Eliminator, Jay Parrott, III in his ‘64 Chevy defeated Bill Bradford in his ‘79 Malibu. Parrott had a .014 reaction light and ran a 12.783/104.17 on a 12.77 dial while Bradford ran an 11.316/114.15 on an 11.30 dial with a .046 reaction light.

Stephanie Valdivia in her ‘85 Camaro notched her first win over veteran Frank Parks in his ‘73 Ford in the Hot Rod final. Parks red lighted with a -011 light and Valdivia got the win light running a 10.732/124.22 on a 10.78 dial.

Morgan Larkin faced Hope Clarke in the Jr. Dragster 2 final. Clarke suffered a -.044 red light foul and Larkin got the victory running a 7.966/81.63 on a 7.94 dial. Good luck to “Team 13” at MIR this week!