Footbrake Nationals this Sunday December 3rd

Update on our Footbrake Nationals race!

As of today, Mother Nature looks as though she may be kind to us this Sunday. Current forecast show temp’s low to middle 50’s with winds NW 9-12 mph.

We will plan to open the gates 9am with 1 time shot starting at 10am.

Time Run session will run as follows: Jr. Dragsters, FB Nat’s, Outten Bros. Pro Bike, Combo, N/T, Street and Hot Rod.

Eliminations will run as follows:
Jr. Dragsters Rd. 1
FB Nat’s Rd. 1
OB Pro Bike Rd. 1
FB Nat’s Rd. 2
Hot Rod
Combo Rd. 1

Jr.Dragsters Rd.2
FB Nat’s Rd. 3
OB Pro Bike Rd. 2
Combo Rd. 2
Street Rd. 2
Hot Rod Rd. 2

Jr. Dragsters Rd. 3
FB Nat’s Rd. 4
OB Pro Bike Rd. 3
Combo Rd. 3
Street Rd. 3
Hot Rod Rd. 3

We will run Buy Back as we have all year. Loser’s will be called up before winners for round 2 in each of the money categories. Buy back winners will be paid 1 round later up to Semi Finals. Depending on our car counts in each class will determine the run order for the remainder of the event starting 4th round..

Entry Fees
FB Nat’s $40 Buy backs $25
Combo $60 Buy backs $40
OB Pro Bike $25 Buy backs $20
Street $25 Buy backs $20
Hot Rod $20
Jr. Dragster $15 All Run
N/T $30
LIST $50