Event Information for 2017

2017 U. S. 13 DRAGWAY PROGRAMS (revised 5/16)

 IHRA Summit Super Series & SBRA Bracket Finals – Race teams will have two chances this season to compete during the 2017 bracket program. The IHRA Summit Super Series is back again with 43 & 2 alternate team members will race for the Summit Super Series. This year, once again our Champions in the Box, No Box and Jr Dragster categories will be able to run for a World Championship. The new twist, they automatically advance to Memphis. Also, new in 2017, the winners from the Team Bracket finals in Box, No Box and Jr Dragster eliminators will also have a shot at a World title.  Last year we have joined the Southern Bracket Racing Association. Racer who attend the vent were happy with their experience and asked us to renew for 2017. Racers will have the option to join the SBRA point’s series. The South Bracket Racing Association is an invitation only event. Seven tracks from the Mid-Atlantic region will descend on Mason Dixon Dragway for a chance at taking $68,000 in prize money. This race will be held October 11 – 15, 2017.


TOP ET, MOD ET, PRO BIKE and STREET categories will have a chance to “Double” up this season. Racers can purchase a “Double Down Card” in the tower before the beginning of 1st round of eliminations on their designated DOUBLE DOWN DAY. This card represents a commitment between the Track and Racers who purchase a chance to DOUBLE their winnings.

How it works: A racer purchases the Double Down card (Same cost as entry). The racer who goes the farthest that day will receive DOUBLE the pay! (Only those racers who have not bought back in will be eligible for a Double Down Payout. If you buy back, you are eliminated from contention)

Example: Top ET Racer purchases Double Down card and reaches the finals, (TOP ET 33-48 cars) Winner portion is $1,000, that racer receives $2,000. Let’s say the racer in the Double Down pot only makes it to semi- finalist, payout (Super 33-48) semi’s $150 it would double to $300. Take MOD ET, racer win (33-48 Car) pays $700 to win, with a Double Down card now pays $1400! ARE YOU READY TO DOUBLE DOWN?

THE LIST RETURNS FOR 2017 – 302NATION is back!

2017 LIST / 302NATION presented by L&D Performance of Berlin MD

 2017 LIST RULES & PROCEDURES: List Membership for 2017 will be $100. This allows members to compete at List & Cash Day events. The FIRST List Qualifying Day will be on Sunday May 21st. All driver are required to fill out , The List Tech & Information Sheet before you participate. This form will be held in the tower in case of any protest request.

The May 21st event, will set the number of LIST participants. Unlike the years past, The LIST will consist of more than 10 cars. Everyone is eligible to run from May 21 – September 13. The first LIST will be set at the conclusion of Sunday May 21st event, these drivers will be 1 – ??? All members will receive a LIST qualifying numbers at this time. All new entries, who join after May 21, will be placed at the end of the last current number. Each week racers are eligible to call up the ladder from May 21 – September 13th. (call out one position at a time) Wednesday Nights will still be mandatory, you can also lose multiple positions on Wednesday nights.

On Wednesday night September 13th, the final LIST 10 cars, will qualify, for the exception of #10. A special bonus race on October 7, will allow all the drivers from 11th place to the last member to have a run-off. The winner of this run-off will then have one shot at #10. This will be an “Off The Trailer” run for both driver, on Saturday October 28th. The winner will advance to Sunday’s LIST Top 10 race to see who’s number 1 – 10 for the year. (Grudgement Weekend October 28th & 29th)

Those 10 drivers will pair off on Sunday October 29, by the draw of card. All 10 will run, after first round, the top 5 and bottom 5 will be determined. We will then run both groups out to determine the LIST TOP 10 standings. The Top 10 will be awarded at the 2017 annual awards banquet.

THE 2017 LIST entries will purchase general admission at the gate. A separate entry will be sold in the tower to register for “Test Hit Session” and/or “Call Out Session.” Tech card Cost $20

2017 CASH DAYS starting pot for each race will be $500, compliments of the U.S. 13 Dragway and L&D Performance of Berlin, MD. L&D Performance has stepped up to be the exclusive sponsor of The List 2017! Thank you to Dennis “Tim” and Lori Lewis for their continued support!

Each Cash Day or Night will be $50 entry fee & Calcutta Pot – Calcutta will be set the day of each race scheduled with all drivers in agreement. All pairings will be drawn on the starting-line before 1st round. “THE LIST” Series members who only wish to register for TEST HITS, will receive test hits during each the TWO time run sessions, you will follow Top ET. The Cash Days will also follow TOP ET for each round of your eliminations. Any additional test hits may not be allowed until after 3rd of eliminations. Test hits will be called to the lanes separately; all runs will be as singles.



Last years event was a huge success and memorable experience! This years event will be bigger and better! Two of the most famous Street Outlaws drivers will pair off Friday night June 30. Once again we will have, all different types of racing activity! This time we have made improvements to have something on the track at all times! Two Lucky fans will get to ride along with Dave & Kye in vehicles supplies by Courtesy Chevrolet of Salisbury. This fan challenge is a once in a lifetime experience!Both drivers will be holding Meet & Greet from 4pm – 7pm, and after their match races. Daddy Dave and Kye Kelly pair up at 8 & 10pm.

Come see the BEST in Heads Up Racing, 200mph Dragsters, Door cars and Motorcycles. Also, Nostalgia Cars, Snow Mobiles, Jr. Dragsters and More!! Get here early! Tickets will only be sold at the gate, admission is $25, children 7-13 $10. Gates Open 4pm, Track action begins at 5pm!


Top vs Mod Shootout – At the end of eliminations the TOP ET winner will pair up against the MOD ET winner. $100 to the winner. If Pro car is quicker than Super, crosstalk will be off. If Super winner is the quicker car, crosstalk will be activated.

Mod ET Quick 8 – This event will qualify the fastest 8 Pro ET cars. These top 8 will report to the lanes in front of the Pro ET eliminator. 1st round losers will receive $20, 2nd rd loser $30, 3rd rd loser $40. Winner of quick 8 will proceed into 4th round.

Mopar Muscle Day & Diesel Pickup Shoot-Out –Date TBA

Jr. Dragster Bonus Days – 2017 we will be adding to our Jr. Shootout program. Jr. 1 & 2 divisions will have the opportunity to run for Cash. Jr.1 – Entry – $20 – $75 to winner / $25 to runner-up. Jr. 2 – Entry $25 – $125 winner / $75 runner-up

Jr. Street – IHRA is offering a new program called Jr. Street. This program allows 13 – 16 year old to race one another in street legal cars 1/8 mile. Cars must be full-bodied, street legal vehicles that meet the program requirements. Participants must have a licensed supervising adult in the car on all runs. Car must run 9.00 or slower, races will be in the dial-in format. For additional information, contact the track office for rules and regulations or speak with your tech official. Drivers will NOT be able to compete in both Jr. Street & Jr. Dragster categories.

Double Entry – Double entries will be allowed at NON POINTS & SPECIAL events only. One driver may drive one car in two separate classes, or one driver in two separate cars. Two drivers will be allowed to drive the same car in two separate classes. We will not hold up a class or round for a double entry that is not in the lanes at the appropriate time.


For 2017, we will allow overnight camping inside the track. Anyone entering on the first day of the event WILL be required to purchase admission. You will be given a wrist band & ticket, DO NOT LOSE EITHER of these items. If, you are not planning to stay or return for the day 2 activities, you will have until 15 minutes after the completion of the Saturday event to return to front gate. Our staff will remove the wristband and ticket back from you at this time. They will then refund the second days admission cost. No refunds will be given without both items. No refunds will be given once the front gate admission booths close.


This years event will consist of two days of racing, with Sunday’s portion to remain the same as years past. Mason Dixon  Classic Car Club Car show, ET Bracket Racing & LIST Cash Day.

ALL GRUDGE DAY & 28/29 Tire Shoot-Out –  Saturday August 26 – We will host an all grudge day, special Saturday edition. On August 26, will feature 28 & 29 Tire Shootout, “Off The Trailer” Cash Day for Motorcycles and “True Street” Challenge. The True Street challenge will be open to street cars having the following: Current registration, tags and insurance matching the vehicles VIN (NO Dealer plates Allowed). Cars must have working headlights, tail lights, blinkers, full exhaust to exit either behind the rear tire or to back of the vehicle. All cars must have DOT stamp & approved tires. These entries will have to be inspected first. After inspection all vehicle will be staged in the designated tour area. At a designated time, all entries will be escorted on a 15-20 mile tour around the Delmar area. At the conclusion of the tour, all vehicles will be brought directly in to the staging lanes. At this time drivers will be able to re-fuel and add power adder to the vehicle ONLY No other work or maintenance is allowed. A track official will be in the lanes to coordinate the drawing of competition, which will be by drawing playing cards. Once the teams are matched up, they will begin the elimination process, to determine “Who has the Baddest True Street” on the Shore. On Saturday will offer 1/8 bracket race for Top & Mod ET classes along with all our regular weekly classes.


(All policies listed above are subject to changes and or revisions at any time by track Management)