Policy & Procedure Revisions for 2016

2016 U. S. 13 Dragway’s

Policy & Procedures Revisions

In 2016, the management team has a few revisions concerning our policies and procedures for U.S. 13 Dragway. These will be implemented immediately and anyone with questions or comments may contact the track office. Please review the changes brought forth below:

  1. Round money payouts. If you buy-back, your round money will now begin starting with a 4th round loss.  With a 4th round loss, you will receive 3rd round loser money, meaning you are now one round behind on the payout charts by being acknowledged as a buy-back. Winners of 1st & 2nd rounds will still receive 3rd round loser money.
  2. Buy Backs – For 2016, we will not be running an additional round for buy-back entries. All entries who wish to buy-back, will be called to the head of the lanes first for round 2 of eliminations. We will put out a first, second and final call for anyone wanting to buy-back for round 2. After the final call, Round 1 winner’s will then be called to report to the lanes for round 2.
  3. Double Entries – Double entries will be allowed on non-points events only. With the addition of this, we have made the decision to allow racers to compete in two classes. For 2016, one racer may drive one car in two classes. A driver may also drive two cars in two different classes, two drivers may run the same car in two different classes. We will NOT allow two drivers to participate in one car in the same class. A maximum of two classes can be entered by one racer. Non – point races take place in March, September & October. Trophy eliminator entries are not allowed to double enter, as this class is for beginning level racers.
  4. Golf Carts, Scooters, 3 Wheelers, 4 Wheelers, Mini Bikes, Mopeds or Motorized ATV type equipment driven on the grounds of the Dragway, must be registered in the tower. You need to register your car number (also have it visible on the unit) with a copy of your license and a maximum of two additional drivers you approve. Anyone other then the approved drivers caught operating those vehicles, will be asked to park it immediately.No one under the age of 16 is allowed to operated All the ATV/Vehicles listed above at anytime while the property. If we catch someone under age operating this unit, our management or security team will confiscate and hold it until the event is over, where you may then take back possession.